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to eat for seven days; I had been on the war-path
all that time—and I was shivering*

"When his wife put the meat before me I
grabbed it like a dog with both hands and ate
It greedily* When I got through eating two
strangers came In and said something to the other
people; and then these two strangers took me out-
side and through the darkness to another teepee;
and when they pushed me Inside I saw my brother
sitting there. Several others were In the teepee3
and they were all very angry. They wanted to
finish us quickly; and I wanted to be killed right

'While they were holding a council., discussing
the best way to kill us, a man came into the lodge
and sat down beside me. He was an American
Plegan (Blackfoot) who could speak Assinlboine*
He told me that a lot of horse-raiding had been
going on from the Sioux and the Asslnlboines, and
he said that the Blackfeet were very angry about
this raiding, and that we would be killed In a short
while by the whole tribe. He said that they
had already sent out word that they had two
Asslniboines to kill, and everybody was very

'Soon all of the men began to go out of the
teepee, but the fellow who fed me stayed in-
side. He gave me back my flint-lock gun with
a ball in it but no powder. I went over and